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September 2018 Archives

Some people may suffer health problems after divorce

With research showing the rate more than doubling for people 50 and older since 1990, many couples in Pennsylvania who might have stayed together in earlier generations may be splitting up. Researchers say several factors may account for this increase, including higher expectations for marriage, more economic independence for women and longer life spans. However, divorce in this age group also carries risks for physical, emotional and financial health.

Common reasons to get a prenuptial agreement

Married couples who have prenuptial agreements can essentially override divorce laws in Pennsylvania. The agreement itself will determine what a spouse will be able to keep or would have to part with in the event that a marriage comes to an end. These agreements can be especially beneficial for someone who may have more money or other assets than their spouse.

Trends show more older adults are divorcing

Divorce is on the rise among older adults, and people in Pennsylvania who are 50 and older may be as much as two times more likely to get a divorce compared to the same age group in 1990. Compared to their counterparts in 1990, those 65 and older are three times as likely to divorce.

Marital problems that often point toward divorce

Whether you've only been married a year or two, or have been with your spouse for one or two decades, at any given time, issues can arise that place your marriage on shaky ground. While no two marriages are exactly the same, Pennsylvania couples may relate to other spouses whose similar experiences have either led to restored relationships or divorce.

For kids of a divorce, a new school year can be advantageous

Just like everywhere across the country, for households with kids in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the end of summer/back to school time brings a lot of mixed emotions. Something ends while another begins. But for kids who are also struggling with the added burdens of coping with a divorce, returning to school can be just what the doctor ordered.

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