Whether you’ve only been married a year or two, or have been with your spouse for one or two decades, at any given time, issues can arise that place your marriage on shaky ground. While no two marriages are exactly the same, Pennsylvania couples may relate to other spouses whose similar experiences have either led to restored relationships or divorce.

There is no definitive way to tell the fate of a particular marriage. Will it overcome the obstacles life puts in its way, or will something or someone cause a rift that is irreparable? There are numerous issues and situations that may prompt you to think about divorce. Such issues are often causal factors in marital break-ups in this state and others.

One or more of these topics may apply to your marriage

Knowing that you’re not alone in your struggle might help you come to terms with your marriage situation and may even lead you to reach out to others to offer encouragement and support. The following list includes problems that may be familiar to your marriage, problems that often lead Pennsylvania couples to divorce:

  • Extra-marital affairs: There are indeed marriages that outlast infidelity. However, there are also many marriages that simply can’t withstand the hurt and mistrust that infidelity often causes between spouses.
  • Financial disagreements: Fighting with your spouse is stressful enough. Fighting over money matters can be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back. 
  • Financial strain: Even if you and your spouse are like-minded when it comes to money issues, unforeseen financial crisis can place too heavy a burden on some marriages, thus causing them to end in divorce.
  • Substance abuse problems: If one or both of you suffer from addiction, it can wreak havoc on your marriage, to be sure.
  • Unexpected crisis: Sometimes, couples who lose a child through miscarriage or a sudden accident, or those who face high levels of stress because of job loss or a terminal illness diagnosis, crumble under the weight of the burden and drift apart from one another. 

It would be nice if all married couples could rely on each other and trust each other to rise above any sort of problem that befalls them. That is not reality, however, as some couples may be able to get their relationships back on track, but others are unable to do so. That doesn’t necessarily mean they should have never gotten married nor that divorce is going to ruin their lives.

Support resources available

In addition to confiding in a close family member or friend, in particular someone who has already gone through divorce, you can take comfort in knowing you have a shoulder to lean on. Your local faith leaders and licensed counselors are other assets to have on hand as you cope with the break-up of your marriage and move toward a new future. If legal problems arise, you can connect with someone well-versed in Pennsylvania divorce laws.