Navigating Your Family Law Case

Your family is at the heart of everything you do. Navigating the family law court system on your own can be difficult. To protect your family, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer you can trust who can provide competent legal advice and does not hesitate to take matters to court.

Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC, of the Katrina Luedtke in Gettysburg, has more than 29 years of experience litigating complex family law matters in Pennsylvania, and she is dedicated to helping you through this challenging time.

Handling All Of Your Family Law Issues

Katrina has extensive knowledge of the family law court system in Pennsylvania. She was appointed by the Court of Common Pleas to serve as a Divorce Master in Adams County Pennsylvania in 2010. Attorney Luedtke assists clients with a variety of family law cases throughout Adams, York and Franklin Counties in Pennsylvania. Experience handling divorce, custody, support and adoption cases in different counties is not a skill all law firms have. Katrina understands the different county rules when it comes to your divorce, custody, support and adoption matters and she will guide you through this complex process.

Katrina can help you address and resolve a variety of family law issues, including:

These issues are often complicated. Working with an experienced family law attorney can make all the difference in your case.

Domestic Violence And Your Family Law Case

Protection from abuse orders can help individuals and families who are victims of domestic violence. Protection from Abuse Orders can have a substantial impact on your child custody or visitation orders in the future. Attorney Luedtke can assess your situation and assist in either filing a protection from abuse petition or in representing clients who have been served with a Protection from Abuse petition.

Personalized Representation To Fit Your Needs

Experienced legal representation matters when it comes to your family. Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC understands the unique circumstances you are facing, and she can help you find the best resolution. Call her law firm at 717-253-9951 or contact her online to discuss your specific issue. Katrina is also fluent in Spanish. Se habla Español.