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January 2018 Archives

Contempt is often a sign that a marriage is in trouble

Pennsylvania residents might think that money troubles or infidelity are the most common causes of divorce, but an expert on marital strife who has observed thousands of couples says that contempt is the clearest harbinger of a marriage in trouble. He believes that criticism, defensiveness and stonewalling often accompany contempt when spouses begin to find each other's company unbearable, but he also says that there are steps couples can take to combat this destructive emotion and get their relationships back on track.

Start-up assets can bring challenges during divorce

For people in Pennsylvania dealing with the end of a marriage, divorce can always be a difficult time on both an emotional and a practical level. The disentangling of one's personal lives can be extremely difficult, but this can be intensified tremendously by the disentangling of financial lives. For people with high-powered careers and substantial assets, property division can be particularly challenging.

Proposed Legislation Would Give Dads Equal Time

Legislative bodies across America are contemplating sweeping changes to child custody laws. Elected representatives are responding to pressure from fathers' rights groups by reconsidering longstanding procedures that some argue belong to a bygone era when mothers were more involved in child-rearing than fathers. A minimum of twenty (20) different states will be considering revisions that may dramatically alter the landscape of divorce and custody litigation.

Divorce can lead to family growth and complexity

Child custody and shared parenting are often primary concerns for mothers and fathers in Pennsylvania reaching the end of their marriages. However, just as divorce can be a real worry for familial relationships, it can also be a conduit for expanded and extended family relationships through the involvement of blended family relationships. As divorce has become more common, particularly among older Americans, family structures have also become more complex.

Helping kids through divorce isn't child's play

As a loving parent who is trying your best to build a successful, happy life for your children in Pennsylvania, you no doubt participate in many activities together designed to help you strengthen your bond and build lasting memories. When you told your kids you were getting divorced, you may have also assured them of your support as they (like you) adapt to new lifestyles. After hearing some of your friends share stories of problems their kids encountered in divorce, you worried what the future might have in store.

Making preparations for divorce

The first Monday in January when people go back to work can be a busy time for Pennsylvania divorce lawyers. Many individuals decide over breaks, such as New Year's or after summer vacation, that it is time to end their marriages. There are several things people who are considering filing for divorce can do to prepare for the process.

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