The first Monday in January when people go back to work can be a busy time for Pennsylvania divorce lawyers. Many individuals decide over breaks, such as New Year’s or after summer vacation, that it is time to end their marriages. There are several things people who are considering filing for divorce can do to prepare for the process.

One task individuals should do is organize their financial records. This might include compiling their most recent tax returns, credit card bills and bank statements. Some people might want to pull a credit report as well. This can also be a good time to take a break from social media or at least cut way back on posting. The things people put on social media can be used against them during a divorce. People who do keep their accounts active should make their updates light and not personal.

Individuals may want to research and learn about divorce in Pennsylvania. It is important to stick to reliable sources like the website for the state courts or the bar association. People can also think about what questions they want to ask attorneys during their consultation and whether it might be possible to resolve their divorce through mediation. They can think about their future and goals for after the divorce and plan for self-care whether that means seeing a therapist, engaging in a new exercise plan or calling on family for support.

Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, there may be some special considerations. For example, in a military divorce, people may want to look into their ex-spouses’ access to the pension benefits they get by being in the military. High-asset divorces may bring complications regarding property division if there are businesses or complex investments to divide. If there is a disparity in income, one spouse might be required to pay temporary or permanent alimony to the other.