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December 2018 Archives

Things to keep in mind to avoid co-parenting problems in divorce

There may have been one or multiple issues that led to your decision to divorce. Such issues may involve your children. In fact, many Pennsylvania spouses cite parenting disagreements as causal factors toward their marital break-ups. Getting divorced, however, doesn't guarantee that all your co-parenting problems will disappear. In fact, your divorce may spark new ones, especially if you have an uncooperative ex who refuses to adhere to the terms of your parenting agreement.

How to properly divide a business in a divorce

When a Pennsylvania business owner gets divorced, they will need to consider how the separation could impact their company. If one spouse operates it as a sole proprietorship, the other partner may ask for a portion of its value in a divorce. If the company is operated as a partnership, it may be necessary to buy the other spouse out. In either scenario, a business owner should have a good idea of how much it is worth today and going forward.

DNA testing, child support and child custody

The popularity and increased accessibility of DNA testing has changed many family relationships in Pennsylvania. While decades ago, the science was poorly understood, DNA tests are now available to people simply seeking to learn more about their ancestry. Of course, DNA is also of critical importance in the courtroom. DNA paternity tests can be essential to child support and custody cases, especially for unmarried parents.

Divorce tax changes to come in 2019

People in Pennsylvania who are going through the divorce process may be concerned about the changes that were adopted as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs act at the end of 2017. While most of that act's provisions already went into effect, one of the most significant will take place as the new year dawns in 2019. Couples who divorce on or after Jan. 1 will see a major change in how spousal support payments are treated for tax purposes. This change will affect people who finalize their divorces in the new year but not those who do so before the end of December 2018.

Children and the holiday season after divorce

Holidays can be stressful for all families, but separated and divorced parents in Pennsylvania may have to deal with additional challenges. Along with their children, parents may be struggling with emotions that include sadness, anger, fear and loss; in addition, the change in routine and traditions can be difficult. However, it is necessary for parents to put these feelings aside so that they can focus on their children and make sure they have a pleasant holiday season.

Divorcing couples turning to parallel parenting to avoid conflict

Like many divorced parents across the country, Pennsylvania parents often struggle with maintaining an amicable relationship with one another after a separation. Because children are involved in the process of custody and visitation orders, ex-spouses have to see each other at some point, but these interactions can lead to trouble for both parents and the well-being of the children. As a means to combat this common problem, some ex-spouses are turning to parallel parenting as a solution.

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