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October 2017 Archives

Online dating can mean fewer divorces, studies say

Pennsylvania couples that meet online and get married might have a lower chance of getting a divorce than people who meet offline. Economics professors at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom and the University of Vienna in Austria report that despite a public perception that online dating fosters only short-term and casual relationships, the opposite might, in fact, be true.

When divorce becomes the only viable option

There may come a time in the life of a Pennsylvania married couple when the civil union that legally binds them together must come to an end. The Consolidated Statutes of the Commonwealth provide three avenues for a dissolution of marriage: mutual consent, fault and irretrievably broken relationships, but these mostly refer to the legal proceedings that should be followed. Before getting to the point of filing for divorce, spouses must come to a certain realization about their marriages no longer healthy.

Study finds many wage garnishments are for child support

When parents in Pennsylvania fall behind on child support, one way that they may be compelled to keep paying that support is through wage garnishment. On Sept. 27, the ADP Research Institute released a study indicating that 7 percent of workers across the country have their wages garnished. The highest number of garnishments are for child support, and these are largely paid by men. Fewer than 30 percent of wage garnishments are women's, and they tend to have their wage garnished for other reasons, such as student loans or consumer debt.

Splitting retirement assets in a divorce

In 2016, people going through a divorce paid $15,000 on average to complete the process. For some Pennsylvania residents, it may seem tempting to use retirement savings to cover that cost. However, doing so may result in income taxes owed and a 10 percent penalty for an early withdrawal if it is done without an order from a judge.

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