There may come a time in the life of a Pennsylvania married couple when the civil union that legally binds them together must come to an end. The Consolidated Statutes of the Commonwealth provide three avenues for a dissolution of marriage: mutual consent, fault and irretrievably broken relationships, but these mostly refer to the legal proceedings that should be followed. Before getting to the point of filing for divorce, spouses must come to a certain realization about their marriages no longer healthy.

While it is true that marriages should be saved if possible for the sake of children and for other reasons such as financial security, there are three situations when a legal separation that further leads to marriage dissolution is a viable option. Spousal or child abuse, addictions to controlled substances, and toxic relationships that affect all household members are never negotiable.

Even when spouses try to work things out, there may come a point when noble attempts to rectify someone’s life need to stop. A husband or wife who keeps getting pulled over for DUI despite treatment should not have to let his or her partner suffer due to this behavioral fault. When couples fail to be faithful despite promising to do so, an unhealthy and damaging relationship ensues. Marriage can be a challenge, but it should not be detrimental to family life, and this is when divorce makes sense.

Spouses should realize that divorce can sometimes turn into a complex matter, particularly when there are issues related to high asset property division, military service, alimony, child custody and support, taxes and others. For this reason, an individual preparing for divorce may want to ensure that attorney representation is sought.