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February 2019 Archives

Moving on in life, after divorce

If you're one of many Pennsylvania residents who will divorce in 2019, you may feel a bit anxious or concerned about the future, especially if you have kids. Divorce isn't easy, but it is often possible to cope in a low-stress, healthy manner. A key to doing so often hinges on the type of support you line up to help yourself and your children come to terms with the life changes that are bound to occur.

Tax returns and divorce

When married couples in Pennsylvania begin to have relationship problems, divorce ultimately becomes a consideration. In some cases, soon-to-be ex-spouses take preemptive steps to hide assets so that they will not have to share them with their former partners at the time of divorce.

Parents could benefit from divorce mediation

By the time people in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, the marital relationship has often deteriorated beyond repair. In many cases, people decide to end their marriage after serious fights and incompatibilities about major issues like finances or parenting. Problems like infidelity and addiction are also major contributors to divorce. As a result, people may have a difficult time viewing themselves coming to an agreement about anything with their spouses. Still, many people also want to avoid an expensive and contentious divorce with raging disputes over child custody and finances.

What grandparents should know about visitation lawsuits

The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild may be a strong one. However, grandparents in Pennsylvania and throughout the country may find that they have been denied visitation rights to their grandchildren. Grandparents who wish to sue for visitation rights to a grandchild need to consider the financial cost as well as the impact it could have on the entire family. Generally speaking, the cost of legal representation depends on the complexity of a given case.

Family courts base custody decisions on best interests of child

Family law guides Pennsylvania judges when they make decisions on child custody cases. This could cover a wide range of issues. For example, safety represents a top priority when authorities review child custody petitions. Any indication that living with a specific parent could endanger a child may prompt a court to deny a request for custody or visitation.

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