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November 2018 Archives

How nesting may help and hinder children after divorce

Some Pennsylvania parents who are getting a divorce might want to consider an arrangement called "nesting" or "birdnesting" for a few months. This allows children to remain in the home while parents take turns living with them there. However, most experts caution that only three to six months is the ideal amount of time for this arrangement.

Why so many people over age 50 are getting divorced

In the three or more decades that you've been married, you've likely encountered all sorts of challenges in your relationship and in your family life, in general. Raising your children, perhaps helping your now-adult kids raise their children, going through career changes, financial crises and other life circumstances through the years have made you who you are today.  

Fathers face many potential challenges in family court

Some Pennsylvania fathers may struggle within the court system after divorce. From expensive support payments and civil protection orders to being left off the child's birth certificate, there are many common issues that fathers may face. However, there are ways to navigate the waters of being a single dad.

Financial prudence can help after divorce

When people in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, they may be particularly concerned with how they will emerge financially from the end of their marriage. The financial consequences of divorce can linger on long after the dissolution is finalized and after the emotional and practical matters have been handled. However, by keeping some guidelines in mind, divorcing spouses can help to stay on track toward achieving their financial goals.

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