If you’re one of many Pennsylvania residents who will divorce in 2019, you may feel a bit anxious or concerned about the future, especially if you have kids. Divorce isn’t easy, but it is often possible to cope in a low-stress, healthy manner. A key to doing so often hinges on the type of support you line up to help yourself and your children come to terms with the life changes that are bound to occur.

Most children fare best if their parents help them maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives, after divorce. The same might be true for adults; because of this, you might wish to avoid making any drastic changes, including those having to do with your personal appearance, until you’ve had time to process your emotions and think things through before forging ahead. You may encounter challenges regarding finances, standard of living or even legal issues; if so, this is when it helps to know where to seek support.

Problem areas you’ll want to avoid

On one hand, it might feel somewhat exciting to be on your own and to begin afresh in life. On the other, if you’re too swift to make changes, you might wind up feeling not so good about your decisions. The following list includes additional situations you may want to avoid as you adapt to your new lifestyle:

  • If you view divorce as an opportunity to bash your ex every chance you get, it will likely backfire at some point and will definitely not do your kids any good.
  • Some people try hard to speak positively about their exes in person but then take to social media to post all sorts of nasty things about them online. This is something you’ll want to avoid if you have your family’s best interests in mind.
  • It’s understandable you might feel hesitant toward reaching out for support when you or your kids need an extra helping hand. However, everyone may benefit more if you avoid hesitation and tap into any and all available resources to help everyone cope.
  • Your children will have a lot of emotions to process as they deal with their parents living in separate households. It might help them more if you avoid dating for a time; rushing right back into the dating scene might confuse your kids and cause them stress.

If you and your ex are willing to cooperate and amicably address any problem issues that arise, your children are likely to be just fine as you all move on in life, after divorce. That doesn’t guarantee you will not encounter any challenges along the way, however. It takes time for families to recover from divorce, and each person must approach recovery in whatever way is most helpful to him or her.

If you encounter a situation you don’t feel equipped to handle on your own, you can seek guidance and support from family members, licensed counselors, a faith leader in your community or an experienced family law attorney, especially if the problem has to do with custody, visitation or child support.