Just like everywhere across the country, for households with kids in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the end of summer/back to school time brings a lot of mixed emotions. Something ends while another begins. But for kids who are also struggling with the added burdens of coping with a divorce, returning to school can be just what the doctor ordered.

The importance of establishing and settling into a new routine for kids of a divorce where child custody is at issue cannot be overemphasized. Sadly, the parents will no longer live together, and two separate households could be the new norm, but school can be an anchor that holds everything else together.

Couples split up for a reason, and often there is bitterness and animosity. However, despite the failure of the relationship and its termination, the two will always be bound as co-parents of the children. If exes cannot agree on anything else, they often find common ground when it comes to the best interests of the kids. Focusing on school, homework, vacation schedules and activities can help put the family back on track.

Child custody issues are not the only problems that can concern a family dealing with divorce. Child support, visitation and enforcement matters among many others are involved. No legal problem can have as significant an impact on the participants as divorce. A family law lawyer can help those dealing with a divorce to understand the rights and responsibilities of all the parties involved. Legal counsel should be empathetic to the family and truly understand what they are going through.