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Obstacles to effective co-parenting

Some Pennsylvania couples with young children may face challenges after a divorce that make co-parenting impossible. For example, a parent may have abandoned the child or be incarcerated. In other cases, it may have been necessary to take a restraining order out against the parent, or the parent could have a substance abuse problem.

New generation of fathers making gains in child custody

At one time, family courts in Pennsylvania and nationwide favored mothers over fathers in child custody decisions. Views about parenting for most of the 20th century supported the idea that children should be with their mothers. The past three decades, however, have produced a shift in attitudes that now recognize the importance for children to have access to both parents. Sole physical custody decisions for mothers have dropped substantially, and fathers are much more likely to share custody.

Family courts base custody decisions on best interests of child

Family law guides Pennsylvania judges when they make decisions on child custody cases. This could cover a wide range of issues. For example, safety represents a top priority when authorities review child custody petitions. Any indication that living with a specific parent could endanger a child may prompt a court to deny a request for custody or visitation.

Pennsylvania dads: joint custody is better for your children

The fact remains that having good relationships with dads is equally as important to children as their relationships with their moms. Both parents play unique and different roles to their children, which is why co-parenting even after divorce can create a positive situation for everyone.

Divorcing couples turning to parallel parenting to avoid conflict

Like many divorced parents across the country, Pennsylvania parents often struggle with maintaining an amicable relationship with one another after a separation. Because children are involved in the process of custody and visitation orders, ex-spouses have to see each other at some point, but these interactions can lead to trouble for both parents and the well-being of the children. As a means to combat this common problem, some ex-spouses are turning to parallel parenting as a solution.

How nesting may help and hinder children after divorce

Some Pennsylvania parents who are getting a divorce might want to consider an arrangement called "nesting" or "birdnesting" for a few months. This allows children to remain in the home while parents take turns living with them there. However, most experts caution that only three to six months is the ideal amount of time for this arrangement.

Fathers face many potential challenges in family court

Some Pennsylvania fathers may struggle within the court system after divorce. From expensive support payments and civil protection orders to being left off the child's birth certificate, there are many common issues that fathers may face. However, there are ways to navigate the waters of being a single dad.

For kids of a divorce, a new school year can be advantageous

Just like everywhere across the country, for households with kids in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the end of summer/back to school time brings a lot of mixed emotions. Something ends while another begins. But for kids who are also struggling with the added burdens of coping with a divorce, returning to school can be just what the doctor ordered.

Working together as parents after a divorce

Pennsylvania parents who are going through the divorce process will still be co-parents for years to come. Therefore, they should work together for the sake of their children. This could include creating consistent rules across households; although, these may need to be very general since parenting styles might have been one reason for the divorce.

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