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For kids of a divorce, a new school year can be advantageous

Just like everywhere across the country, for households with kids in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the end of summer/back to school time brings a lot of mixed emotions. Something ends while another begins. But for kids who are also struggling with the added burdens of coping with a divorce, returning to school can be just what the doctor ordered.

Working together as parents after a divorce

Pennsylvania parents who are going through the divorce process will still be co-parents for years to come. Therefore, they should work together for the sake of their children. This could include creating consistent rules across households; although, these may need to be very general since parenting styles might have been one reason for the divorce.

Proposed Legislation Would Give Dads Equal Time

Legislative bodies across America are contemplating sweeping changes to child custody laws. Elected representatives are responding to pressure from fathers' rights groups by reconsidering longstanding procedures that some argue belong to a bygone era when mothers were more involved in child-rearing than fathers. A minimum of twenty (20) different states will be considering revisions that may dramatically alter the landscape of divorce and custody litigation.

How divorced fathers can stay involved with their children

Fathers in Pennsylvania who are getting a divorce might be concerned about custody and visitation. While there is a common myth that divorced fathers do not want to spend time with their children, this is far from the truth for many. They might want to consider options including sole or shared custody before negotiations begin.

Can I resolve child custody issues out of court?

Child custody is a complicated issue to work through, no matter how amicable two Pennsylvania parents may be. To resolve these issues and avoid litigation, some parents decide to work on an agreement on their own, staying out of court and developing a plan that suits their individual unique needs.

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