Divorced Pennsylvania parents who are raising teenagers might find themselves struggling after the end of the marriage. However, it is possible to successfully raise and support teens even when co-parenting with an ex-spouse.

While it might feel like the process of co-parenting teenagers must be full of pitfalls and obstacles, parents who keep certain things in mind can help ensure a safe environment that’s relatively free of conflict. This can be done if both parents work together and always consider the child’s best interest. This often means allowing a bit of flexibility when dealing with a teenage child. Older kids want to juggle time with their parents as well as with their friends and their other responsibilities.

Parents also need to keep communication lines open and not fall into the trap of using their teenager to deliver messages. Communication between parents and children should also remain constant and open. Because teenagers often try to act maturely, parents might be tempted to think they are okay after the divorce. This could be a mistake.

Similarly, parents also need to continue coordinating movements to prevent their teenager from thinking they have complete freedom. This is particularly important when teenagers start driving and feel more in control of their lives. Finally, parents should also continue to offer their teenage children consistent guidance and a stable home life that allows them to grow in a healthy manner.

Starting with a balanced parenting plan can be the first step to successfully parenting teenagers. Parents who are going through the process might seek guidance from a lawyer with family law experience. Legal counsel can help a client negotiate for a parenting plan that fits in with the family’s particular situation.