In Pennsylvania and across the United States, many former spouses feel overwhelmed after they get divorced. From changing the title on a house to reverting the last name on a financial account, there are many things to do after separating, especially in a complex divorce. Couples with kids must make arrangements with the court for child custody and child support. Both spouses must sign various legal documents during several phases of the divorce.

Receiving a final divorce decree is not necessarily the end of the divorce process. If the couple has not already changed their titles and names on various accounts and government identification cards, now is the time to proceed with more legal requirements. Medical insurance often plays a key role after the divorce is finalized. A partner who was formerly covered on their spouse’s health insurance policy will no longer have coverage after they are officially divorced. Left without medical insurance, this ex must now find an affordable policy.

If an ex-wife ordered the court to revert her last name back to her maiden name, it’s necessary to contact the Social Security Administration to change her last name on her Social Security card. She should also change the name on her driver’s license and license plate registration with the DMV. In addition, it’s wise to split and close joint accounts during the divorce process. However, some couples neglect to make any necessary changes until they receive their final divorce judgments.

Although divorce has been widely accepted for several decades, ending a marriage is often complicated. This is often the case during the property division process if the couple had a lot of assets. A family law attorney could help a divorcing client get a fair settlement.