Divorce is not always caused by huge indiscretions or big problems. Instead, there are several “less serious” issues and personality traits that commonly cause Pennsylvania couples to split.

For example, emotional baggage from the past can unintentionally hurt a current partnership. Events that remind one of this past trauma can cause distress and lead to tension. However, therapy could help a spouse process difficult experiences and move forward.

Financial troubles are another major cause of divorces. Therefore, a relationship might be doomed to fail if a couple is not honest about money. Secrets related to finances could cause trust issues. That’s why a couple might want to get everything out in the open before marriage.

While constantly having arguments certainly won’t lead to marital bliss, avoiding arguments might be just as bad. Stonewalling and avoiding conflict are two behaviors that may lead to divorce. Avoiding conflict means that there is no opportunity to address and handle problems, which can allow issues to fester.

Everyone changes as they get older. Some couples may grow individually and together as the years pass while other couples grow apart. These changes sometimes become more apparent once a couple retires and realizes that their interests and opinions do not line up anymore.

The problems that existed in a marriage may also present challenges when finalizing a divorce agreement. Mediation could be used to help a couple address issues regarding alimony, child custody and property division. An attorney might also help a client negotiate a settlement. These methods are often preferable to litigation, which can be drawn out and costly.