Disagreements over child custody or the value of assets could motivate people in Pennsylvania to hire certain experts to provide evidence for their divorce cases. A judge might draw upon the insights of a family therapist or psychologist when making rulings about child custody. Forensic accountants might be sought out by people who are investigating marital finances or trying to value a business so that discussions about the division of property can proceed with complete information.

Child custody disputes present the most common reason to bring in an outside party to evaluate the family dynamics. This person will likely possess training in mental health topics and spend time interviewing parents, children and other family members. These interviews could enable the person to make a recommendation to the court about the assignment of child custody.

When someone suspects that the other spouse hid assets or has not provided an accurate valuation for a business, then a forensic accountant could launch an investigation. The conclusions of an accountant could resolve disputes. These services come with a high price tag, however, and a person might not wish to engage an accountant if the value of the assets in question do not warrant the cost.

High-asset divorces or cases that involve allegations of abuse or neglect might benefit from evaluation by outside parties. A person confronted by these situations could discuss the possibility with an attorney when preparing to deal with divorce legal issues. An attorney could explain a person’s rights within family law and suggest strategies for protecting the client’s priorities.