Trying to sell a home in Pennsylvania is a challenge even during the best of times. During a divorce, the situation could become more complicated. The divorcing couple will need to agree upon a number of matters pertaining to the home sale.

Houses do not sell themselves. The divorcing couple will need to work together to make the home ready for the sale. This means that they may need to spend a considerable amount of time together as they go over the home with a fine tooth comb, making sure that everything is in top shape.

A house that is sparsely furnished may not sell. At the same time, a home that looks cluttered won’t be attractive to potential buyers. Therefore, the divorcing couple will need to discuss what items they will take away which ones they will leave in the home to make it look inviting.

Once that’s done, they will need to look at the home objectively and consider what needs to be improved. For example, new carpets or a coat of paint may be necessary. All of this takes time and money. The divorcing couple will need to agree where the time and where the money is going to come from.

The last thing that a divorcing couple wants is for their home to look as if a divorce is taking place. If buyers know that the couple is going through a separation, they may use this information to lower their offering price. It may be difficult, but it is beneficial to keep the home looking as if a united family lives there.

When making decisions about dividing property, such as a home, individuals may benefit from the knowledge and experience of a family law attorney. Legal counsel could advise a client on property division laws that will impact the decisions they make.