When people in Philadelphia consider getting engaged, it is typically because they have fallen in love. The reasons why can often be hard to define, but romantic love is usually triggered by a mixture of physical attraction, emotional compatibility and similar interests. Of course, the feelings are not always lasting, which can sometimes lead to divorce.

In fact, a study indicated that if there is a significant gap in the perceived attractiveness of the spouses, there can be an increased risk of divorce. Specifically, if a man marries a woman who is significantly more attractive than he is, there can be a greater risk of her flirting with other men. In addition, there is some indication that less attractive spouses may become jealous and possessive, damaging the marriage.

However, other studies have shown that newlywed husbands who are married to more attractive wives report high levels of happiness and are more likely to be attentive and helpful around the house. In addition, some researchers believe that couples who have known each other for a long time prior to walking down the aisle may place less of a priority on looks, as their relationship may be based more on mutual affinity and shared experiences.

Regardless of the reasons that produced it, the end of a marriage can be a difficult and emotional time. Some people just want to get the entire divorce process over with as quickly as possible, but this can result in their giving up too much in negotiations. This is why it might be advisable for someone who is in this situation to have the help of an attorney during the process.