As anyone who’s been divorced in Pennsylvania will testify, when people go through a divorce, it is very rarely the case that they are prepared for it. To begin with, divorce is a very emotional process that brings about the end of what was supposed to be a lifelong arrangement. Furthermore, when there are children involved, they usually don’t respond well to having their lives as they know it upended.

Consequently, couples who are going through a grueling divorce are liable to make several mistakes. A case in point is how some soon-to-be divorcees can, whether out of sheer exhaustion or a pressing need to get the proceedings over and done with as fast as possible, overlook important details, such as support payments, shared costs and so on.

Another common mistake is how some people get quickly remarried right after their divorce. The issue here is that the rate of divorce for second marriages is far larger than that for first marriages, and a second divorce can unsettle the steadiest of financial situations.

Couples who tend to make the most mistakes are the ones with the least amount of financial education. After all, a considerable portion of divorce is spent discussing how the assets should be split. Therefore, if one of the parties is unaware of how much he or she is worth, this complicates matters and may lead to someone getting less than his or her fair share.

Due to all of these issues, it is advisable for any individual about to get divorced to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer. A professional attorney will have seen countless cases before and be able to provide his or her clients with insight into the most common mistakes people make.