The rise in the median age of a first marriage means that fewer people are getting divorced at a younger age. Those who do divorce in their 20s may have fewer complications than couples who do so after a longer period of time together, but they might also face some unique challenges. Many young divorced Pennsylvania couples may feel isolated from their peers who have not been through a similar experience. In fact, many of their friends might not have even married yet.

The advantage is that there may be fewer financial and logistical ties to break. It is likely that there will be a large discrepancy in income in this age group. They are also less likely to have had children or to have many shared assets. Millennials are also more likely to get prenuptial agreements than people in other age groups.

Some of these marriages between younger couples may end because one or both feels they have missed out on dating. Some have been together for a long time and simply drift apart. Couples may also differ on whether or not to have children.

Although a less complex divorce is typically the experience of people in their 20s, it is not always the case. One person might have family money, and the couple might not have used a prenup. This could lead to a fight over whether the other spouse has a claim on any of that money. The couple might have one or more young children, and this would mean planning for more than a decade of co-parenting.