According to a recent study, some Pennsylvania residents may be more likely to get divorced based on their professions. A FlowingData report, which studied information from the 2015 American Community Survey, suggests that people with jobs involving nightlife or travel have more divorces.

The report goes on to state that jobs relating to shipping and transportation have higher divorce rates. On the other hand, people with jobs in fields such as science and mathematics have lower divorce rates. Some may think that this is because people in those fields tend to be more level-headed and rational.

However, it’s important to note that science- and math-related jobs generally have regular work hours. Jobs that require lots of travel or working at night tend to have higher divorce rates. For example, bartending and casino gaming management were the two occupations with the highest likelihood of divorce. This may be because working late hours can be taxing on raising a family.

The data also shows that people with more income tend to have fewer divorces. This may not be a surprise considering that many spousal separations are related to money issues. Overall, the national mean divorce rate is just above 35 percent. Most occupational fields tend to hover around this average.

After thinking through all the pros and cons of living apart, a couple may still want a divorce. These spouses should consider seeking the services of divorce attorneys. The lawyer might be able to help them through the process of agreeing on child custody, spousal support and property division.