Protecting Grandparents’ Rights

Your relationship with your grandchildren is very important. At the Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC in Gettysburg, founding attorney Katrina Luedtke can answer your questions and help you understand your custodial rights in Pennsylvania.

Filing For Visitation Or Custody

The laws regarding grandparents’ rights are complex. Katrina has extensive experience litigating visitation and child custody issues for grandparents. She can evaluate your situation and determine if you are able to file a complaint for for visitation or custody.

Grandparents can sue for visitation or custody in the following situations including but not limited to:

  • If their adult child passes away
  • If their grandchildren may be placed into foster care
  • If both parents are unwilling or unable to care for the children

Finding The Best Resolution

Your grandparent visitation and custodial rights can be difficult to understand. Katrina can walk you through the process, answer all of your questions and help you find the best resolution for you and your grandchildren.

Working with an experienced child custody lawyer who understands the intricate nature of grandparents’ custodial rights cases can make all the difference. Katrina will provide personal attention and skilled legal advice when trying to resolve your specific legal matter.

Questions About Your Custody Rights As A Grandparent? Contact the Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC

Grandparents have custodial rights in Pennsylvania in certain circumstances. Katrina can protect your rights and help you explore all of your legal options. To discuss your case, call her law firm at 717-253-9951 or contact the firm online.