Guiding You In Child Custody Modification Cases

Now that your marriage is over, you understand that your relationship priority is with your children. Focusing on your youngsters or teens is crucial as you want to spend as much time with them as possible. While some child custody agreements are made during the divorce proceedings, changes in circumstances frequently arise later and it may be necessary to file a Petition to Modify the custody agreement.

Changes in the custody schedule may be necessary due to changes in your life or the life of your children’s other parent. With nearly 30 years of experience in family law, the Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has the know-how and skills to make those necessary adjustments to the child custody arrangement.

An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

Founding attorney Katrina Luedtke will thoroughly analyze the initial custody agreement, explain the available options and then pursue the modifications that you desire and work to get the best results, all in the interest of your children. Changes in the child custody agreement may be needed when:

  • One parent does not follow the child custody arrangement currently in place.
  • The child is endangered as evidence of domestic violence surfaces in the other parent’s home.
  • One parent decides to relocate a long distance away.
  • One parent has substance abuse issues
  • The custodial parent dies, leading to the strong possibility or inevitable decision to award custody to the noncustodial parent.

Spending time with your children is so important. Attorney Luedtke will help you pursue the opportunity to change the child custody agreement in your favor. She is caring, knowledgeable and persistent.

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When you seek modifications in your child custody agreement, you will find an effective, experienced and knowledgeable ally in the Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She has nearly 30 years of experience in family law. For a consultation, contact us by filling out this online form or call 717-253-9951. Se habla español.