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Parents could benefit from divorce mediation

By the time people in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, the marital relationship has often deteriorated beyond repair. In many cases, people decide to end their marriage after serious fights and incompatibilities about major issues like finances or parenting. Problems like infidelity and addiction are also major contributors to divorce. As a result, people may have a difficult time viewing themselves coming to an agreement about anything with their spouses. Still, many people also want to avoid an expensive and contentious divorce with raging disputes over child custody and finances.

What to do about a child's college education after divorce

Studies show that most families do not have a financial plan in case of divorce or the death of a spouse, so parents in Pennsylvania who get a divorce might be concerned about how they will pay for their child's college education. After a divorce, spousal and child support may need to take precedence over saving for college. However, with college costs continuing to rise, parents may also want to include provisions for these expenses in the divorce agreement.

The dynamics of super-wealthy divorces

Corporate divorces usually don't generate much attention in Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the country unless high-profile people are involved. One such individual is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who announced plans to split from his wife of 25 years in early 2019. As the pair begins the process of dividing up assets estimated at nearly $140 billion, the buzz surrounding their spit has put a spotlight on the unique dynamics of high-asset divorces.

Spouse attractiveness and divorce

When people in Philadelphia consider getting engaged, it is typically because they have fallen in love. The reasons why can often be hard to define, but romantic love is usually triggered by a mixture of physical attraction, emotional compatibility and similar interests. Of course, the feelings are not always lasting, which can sometimes lead to divorce.

How to properly divide a business in a divorce

When a Pennsylvania business owner gets divorced, they will need to consider how the separation could impact their company. If one spouse operates it as a sole proprietorship, the other partner may ask for a portion of its value in a divorce. If the company is operated as a partnership, it may be necessary to buy the other spouse out. In either scenario, a business owner should have a good idea of how much it is worth today and going forward.

Divorce tax changes to come in 2019

People in Pennsylvania who are going through the divorce process may be concerned about the changes that were adopted as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs act at the end of 2017. While most of that act's provisions already went into effect, one of the most significant will take place as the new year dawns in 2019. Couples who divorce on or after Jan. 1 will see a major change in how spousal support payments are treated for tax purposes. This change will affect people who finalize their divorces in the new year but not those who do so before the end of December 2018.

Children and the holiday season after divorce

Holidays can be stressful for all families, but separated and divorced parents in Pennsylvania may have to deal with additional challenges. Along with their children, parents may be struggling with emotions that include sadness, anger, fear and loss; in addition, the change in routine and traditions can be difficult. However, it is necessary for parents to put these feelings aside so that they can focus on their children and make sure they have a pleasant holiday season.

Financial prudence can help after divorce

When people in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, they may be particularly concerned with how they will emerge financially from the end of their marriage. The financial consequences of divorce can linger on long after the dissolution is finalized and after the emotional and practical matters have been handled. However, by keeping some guidelines in mind, divorcing spouses can help to stay on track toward achieving their financial goals.

How are living together and divorce rates linked?

Pennsylvania couples who choose to live together before marriage could be at a higher risk for divorce according to a recent study. Over the years, statistical analysis has indicated that people who live together before marriage may be more likely to struggle with conflicts during the marriage. Other researchers have argued that this effect can derive from multiple factors, including social disapproval of premarital cohabitation. As of 2018, a strong majority of Americans approve of living together before marriage.

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