Standing Up For Fathers’ Rights

As a father, you play a crucial role in your child’s life. And you want to continue to do so, even if you have separated from your child’s mother. However, fathers often face an uphill battle when it comes to parenting time, as well as in so many other matters, such as child support and decision-making.

The Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has practiced family law for nearly 30 years. Led by attorney Katrina Luedtke, our team understands the vital role fathers play in their children’s lives. We will aggressively protect your rights as a father and are fairly treated by the legal system.

Making Sure You Stay Involved

Katrina is sensitive to the concerns of fathers who want to maintain strong relationships with their children. Too often one parent attempts to poison the minds of their children, creating an unwanted and unnecessary obstacle for the father.  Attorney Luedtke has successfully litigated custody cases on behalf of fathers who have endured attempts by the other parent to alienate them from their children’s lives.

Compassionate, effective and knowledgeable, we help our clients in matters such as:

  • Parenting time and child custody: Attorney Luedtke will help you secure the most ideal parenting time and visitation schedule with your children.
  • Child support: We will ensure that your child support payments are fairly determined.
  • Decision-making: As the father, you want to make sure you continue to play a role in the decision-making related to your child in matters such as health care and education.

Attorney Luedtke stands up for fathers’ rights. She listens to clients, untangles complicated legal matters and provides the attention you need and the results you expect.

Get An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

Advocating for fathers’ rights is a crucial part of family law. The Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, understands the difficulties you face as a father if you have separated from the child’s mother. For an initial consultation, contact us via email or call 717-253-9951. Se habla español.