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Spousal Support And Alimony Archives

Federal agency aims to improve child support enforcement

Dealing with the burden of unpaid child support can be difficult and overwhelming for many Pennsylvania families struggling to pay the bills. Since delinquent child support can wreak such havoc on the lives and well-being of the children involved, enforcement mechanisms are highly needed. One of the most successful and widely used implementation mechanisms for child support payments has been payroll withholding at the point of employment. The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) reported that in fiscal year 2016, $33 billion in child support payments was collected through its systems. Of that number, 75 percent was collected through payroll withholding from people's job.

New tax changes could reduce alimony payments

The new tax law could make a difference in the way Pennsylvania high-income couples negotiate divorce settlements. The way the tax code handled alimony payments for 75 years changed when President Trump signed the legislation in December. Instead of giving a tax deduction to divorced people who pay alimony, it will be handled like child support. Starting at the beginning of 2019, ex-spouses who pay alimony will not be able to deduct it at the end of the year and those who receive it won't have to pay taxes on the amount they get.

Study finds many wage garnishments are for child support

When parents in Pennsylvania fall behind on child support, one way that they may be compelled to keep paying that support is through wage garnishment. On Sept. 27, the ADP Research Institute released a study indicating that 7 percent of workers across the country have their wages garnished. The highest number of garnishments are for child support, and these are largely paid by men. Fewer than 30 percent of wage garnishments are women's, and they tend to have their wage garnished for other reasons, such as student loans or consumer debt.

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