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Filing for divorce

Many people in Pennsylvania file for divorce every year. Some choose to proceed without a lawyer and file the paperwork on their own. A person who is representing him or herself is known as a "pro se" litigant.

New taxes influence decisions about alimony and child custody

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the financial landscape for people getting divorced. Couples in Pennsylvania who are splitting up and have children will need to consider carefully which person will qualify as the Head of Household for tax filing purposes. In divorces that include the payment of spousal support, the new tax laws reverse long-standing approaches to deductions and taxation for alimony.

Divorcing later in life can threaten retirement success

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events a person can go through in Pennsylvania. It can be emotionally, financially and mentally draining no matter the ages of the people involved. It can be even harder on older couples than on young couples with children. For people who have been married for a long time, future plans and assets may be tied together in ways that are hard to unravel.

Some people may suffer health problems after divorce

With research showing the rate more than doubling for people 50 and older since 1990, many couples in Pennsylvania who might have stayed together in earlier generations may be splitting up. Researchers say several factors may account for this increase, including higher expectations for marriage, more economic independence for women and longer life spans. However, divorce in this age group also carries risks for physical, emotional and financial health.

Common reasons to get a prenuptial agreement

Married couples who have prenuptial agreements can essentially override divorce laws in Pennsylvania. The agreement itself will determine what a spouse will be able to keep or would have to part with in the event that a marriage comes to an end. These agreements can be especially beneficial for someone who may have more money or other assets than their spouse.

Trends show more older adults are divorcing

Divorce is on the rise among older adults, and people in Pennsylvania who are 50 and older may be as much as two times more likely to get a divorce compared to the same age group in 1990. Compared to their counterparts in 1990, those 65 and older are three times as likely to divorce.

How tax law changes may affect divorce planning

It's not unusual for a divorce agreement in Pennsylvania to include alimony payments to the lower-earning spouse. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act won't change the ability to receive this type of assistance. What it will do is reverse a tax law that's been on the books since 1942. With marriages that legally end in 2019 and beyond, alimony will cease to be deductible for tax purposes by the payor. Also, the recipient will not have to report such payments as income. This upcoming change has some unhappy spouses rushing to untie the knot.

Protections in military divorces

Pennsylvania couples who have at least one member in the service and who want to divorce should know that the military has different rules in place for the process. While the military generally considers divorce cases to be civil matters that should be decided by state courts, it does have some protections in place for service members and their spouses.

Older divorcing couples face property division challenges

Pennsylvania seniors who decide to divorce may face different challenges than had they divorced in their younger years. Instead of arguing over child support and custody, they'll find themselves dividing retirement accounts and a lifetime's accumulation of joint marital assets.

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