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Informal negotiations may eliminate the need for a divorce trial

After years of struggling to keep your marriage afloat without success, you are relieved to finally kiss your marriage goodbye. However, you immediately tense up when you think about having to fight over money and other assets with your soon-to-be ex at trial.

What is a QDRO and do you need one?

At one time, you and your spouse may have talked about what your life would look like after each of you retire. Perhaps you wanted to travel more together, spend more time with the grandkids or find a quiet spot to live out your golden years together. To that end, you began faithfully contributing to a retirement plan through your employment.

Divorce is no time to play hide and seek, especially with assets

If you're preparing for divorce, you can logically assume there are others in Pennsylvania going through similar situations at this time. Hopefully, you and your soon-to-be former spouse get along well enough that you are both willing to compromise and cooperate in order to achieve a swift, fair and agreeable settlement. If you have kids, it might take time to negotiate a new parenting plan, but if all goes well, you should be out of court and on your way to a new lifestyle before long.

Helping kids through divorce isn't child's play

As a loving parent who is trying your best to build a successful, happy life for your children in Pennsylvania, you no doubt participate in many activities together designed to help you strengthen your bond and build lasting memories. When you told your kids you were getting divorced, you may have also assured them of your support as they (like you) adapt to new lifestyles. After hearing some of your friends share stories of problems their kids encountered in divorce, you worried what the future might have in store.

What factors does the court consider in child custody cases?

Like most Pennsylvania couples, when you married and started a family, you never envisioned that it would end in divorce. Now, you face not only ending your marital relationship, but also figuring out what custody arrangements would best serve your children.

Creating a co-parenting plan is a marathon, not a sprint

You don't have to like the divorce process, but you do have to go through it if you end your marriage. Most people just want to get it over with as quickly as possible so they can put the ordeal behind them. Unfortunately, going too fast could mean missing important details that could make your future as a co-parent go more smoothly.

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