DUI Charges In Pennsylvania

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substances carry harsh penalties in Pennsylvania as well as license suspensions. Katrina Luedtke is a skilled and experienced defense attorney with more than 26 years of experience protecting the rights of the accused, and she can help you, too.

The criminal justice system can be intimidating. DUI convictions can result in the loss of driving privileges, significant fines and jail time. At the Law Office of Katrina Luedtke LLC in Gettysburg, Katrina understands this. She will work hard to protect your rights and help you navigate your case to find the best possible outcome.

Navigating The Criminal Justice System

It is very important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after being charged with a DUI. It is not advisable to attend your first court date without consulting a DUI lawyer beforehand. Katrina can walk you through the process and explore all options with the goal of having the charges dismissed or reduced.

To help you understand your case and what to expect during the entire process, Katrina will explain your charges, what potential factors could impact your case — such as any prior criminal convictions — and the options are available to help protect your future.

Katrina has extensive criminal law experience. As a former Trial Counsel (Prosecutor) and Captain with the U.S. Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps and a former Assistant District Attorney, she understands what impacts DUI cases and knows what steps to take throughout your case. Facing a DUI charge can be difficult to navigate on your own. This can be an intimidating situation. Katrina will provide skilled legal advice in a comfortable and confidential atmosphere to help ease your fears now and during negotiations or at trial.

Contact Katrina Luedtke

It is important to speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney before your first court date after a DUI charge. To discuss your case, please call 717-253-9951 or contact the law firm online. Katrina is also fluent in Spanish. Se habla Español.