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How and why to make a divorce plan while married

Some Pennsylvania couples who are getting married might want to consider a prenuptial agreement. Divorce may be far from their mind, but they can think of it as a safety precaution. Married couples can create a postnuptial agreement. Both documents lay out plans for how property will be divided in a divorce, and the first one can also identify assets and debts the couple bring into the marriage that they want to keep separate.

Organization of financial records essential for divorce process

Divorce requires a division of marital assets in Pennsylvania, and both spouses must disclose their financial records as part of the process. Because divorces among older people have become increasingly common, many people pursuing divorce could have multiple assets and retirement savings accounts to consider. To begin, people should make a list of all accounts and assets, including inherited funds. Inherited funds could be exempt from property division, but the issue could be complicated if the money went into a joint account with the spouse.

Careful planning makes post-divorce transitions easier

Pennsylvania couples should know that getting the final decree signed by their presiding divorces judge is almost, but not quite, the end of the process. Typically, the court order describes the manner in which marital assets are to be divided, but it is up to the parties to finalize the process. This means couples ready to separate must work together on one last project to get across the divorce finish line.

Revenge hurts kids and parents in divorce court

Pennsylvania parents dealing with the emotional fallout of a failed marriage may be tempted to use the justice system as a tool to gain revenge seek revenge against their spouse. Hurt feelings can make the idea of hurting someone with a public outing of misdeeds seem attractive in the moment, but attempting to do so is generally an expensive mistake that costs much more than money.

Divorces among younger couples may be less complex

The rise in the median age of a first marriage means that fewer people are getting divorced at a younger age. Those who do divorce in their 20s may have fewer complications than couples who do so after a longer period of time together, but they might also face some unique challenges. Many young divorced Pennsylvania couples may feel isolated from their peers who have not been through a similar experience. In fact, many of their friends might not have even married yet.

Contempt is often a sign that a marriage is in trouble

Pennsylvania residents might think that money troubles or infidelity are the most common causes of divorce, but an expert on marital strife who has observed thousands of couples says that contempt is the clearest harbinger of a marriage in trouble. He believes that criticism, defensiveness and stonewalling often accompany contempt when spouses begin to find each other's company unbearable, but he also says that there are steps couples can take to combat this destructive emotion and get their relationships back on track.

Start-up assets can bring challenges during divorce

For people in Pennsylvania dealing with the end of a marriage, divorce can always be a difficult time on both an emotional and a practical level. The disentangling of one's personal lives can be extremely difficult, but this can be intensified tremendously by the disentangling of financial lives. For people with high-powered careers and substantial assets, property division can be particularly challenging.

Divorce can lead to family growth and complexity

Child custody and shared parenting are often primary concerns for mothers and fathers in Pennsylvania reaching the end of their marriages. However, just as divorce can be a real worry for familial relationships, it can also be a conduit for expanded and extended family relationships through the involvement of blended family relationships. As divorce has become more common, particularly among older Americans, family structures have also become more complex.

Making preparations for divorce

The first Monday in January when people go back to work can be a busy time for Pennsylvania divorce lawyers. Many individuals decide over breaks, such as New Year's or after summer vacation, that it is time to end their marriages. There are several things people who are considering filing for divorce can do to prepare for the process.

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